Lake Tahoe Adventurous Engagement Session to a Waterfall at Sunset | Lake Tahoe destination wedding photographer

Fun Adventure Session to a Waterfall near Lake Tahoe at sunset | Lake Tahoe destination wedding photographer | Northern California elopement photographer


Hopefully you already saw part one of this fun adventure session at Lake Tahoe, if not, go check it out here! Okay - now for part two! About 2 hours before sunset, Kaitlin, Paul and I headed off for part two of their destination adventure session in Northern California in search for a waterfall Paul wanted to find! 

This trail ended up working out really well for what Kaitlin and Paul had in mind for their engagement session. Originally we were supposed to shoot in Yosemite National Park, but we were rerouted because of wildfires. We were bummed because they were really after the granite vibe of Yosemite. Well, they were in luck because this trail right outside of Lake Tahoe had really similar vibes.

The sun slowly began to set and we hiked out booties up a trail in search of the waterfall. We could see the waterfall, and Paul had a specific spot in mind he wanted to reach, but we weren’t sure how far along the trail this spot was. They changed into their outfits, and we began shooting, getting some shots of them with the waterfall and then proceeding back down the trail, with the intent to shoot along the way. 

Then came my FAVORITE PART OF THE DAY. Kaitlin and Paul brought along a bottle of champagne (something I vote every couple does - engagement session, elopement, wedding, anniversary, whatever. Bring champagne). They perched themselves on a boulder and gave it a few shakes, and BAM. Champagne everywhere (including all over Kaitlin and Paul) and belly laughs for a solid 2 minutes afterwards. 

Adventure sessions are SO much fun because they give us the time to comfortable and get creative. I did some long exposure shots of these two with the river because they were up for playing around and experimenting.

We continued down the trail as the sun set, running around massive granite boulders, laughing about champagne, and smiling about the best day that Tahoe let us experience together. 

Love these guys, loved this day, and freakin love adventure sessions. They’re an adventure! 

Planning an adventure elopement or engagement session in Lake Tahoe or Northern California? Get in touch below and let’s start schemin!