6 Locations to Inspire a Perfect Winter Adventure Elopement | Adventure Elopement Photographer

Location inspiration for your perfect winter adventure elopement | Adventure Elopement Photographer | International Elopement Photography


My busiest months for elopements and weddings are May through October, with a few scattered in the off months. However, I’m here to tell you that winter can make for a great time to get married whether you’re having an adventure elopement or a destination wedding. I could probably give you way more than 6 locations to fill you with inspiration for a winter elopement, but these will get your brain thinking! 

If you’re trying to avoid the cold and snow, head to the opposite hemisphere! Their seasons are opposite, so while those of us in the United States are experiencing winter, the Southern Hemisphere is experiencing summer!


Patagonia adventure elopement photographer

If you’re up for the ultimate adventure, Patagonia is the place to go. The region is split between Chile and Argentina, and will absolutely blow your mind. I went two years ago having no idea what I was getting into, and the landscapes are something you’d only ever imagine. Torres Del Paine National Park, Mt. Fitz Roy viewable from El Chalten, Pierto Moreno Glacier - they’re all incredible, with SO many other spots to explore. Patagonia is a gem of the world and truly feels like a different planet. I don’t think they ever experience “normal” weather, however if you’re going to brave the elements, December to February is the best time to go!



New Zealand adventure elopement photographer

New Zealand is another crazy adventure location. I haven’t personally experienced it yet, however I have an endless list of locations that would make for the most amazing adventure elopement locations. Waterfalls, glaciers, lakes, mountains, caves, you name it. Or take a helicopter to a few different spots in the some day. Our winter is their summer, making it a great time to elope! 


Costa Rica adventure elopement photographer

On the slightly more chill/less elaborate end, January is one of the best times to go to Costa Rica, making it the perfect winter destination for your elopement! Rainforests, volcanos, beaches, cloud forests - Costa Rica is a place that will feel inject a peaceful, adventurous spirit into your soul. There are some incredible places to experience there, along with endless actives. Learn to surf, horseback ride into a jungle, repel down a waterfall, snorkel with whale sharks, take an ATV tour up a volcano, soak in natural hot springs. AND its fairly inexpensive to get to, and extra inexpensive when you’re there. Maximize your time and your budget!

If you and your person are snow bunnies, then the next three are for you!



Grand Teton adventure elopement photographer

Grand Teton and Yellowstone are complete playgrounds in the winter! Rent out a cozy cabin and embrace winter’s finest things! Get married surrounded by snowy mountain peeks, and spend the rest of your time enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, wildlife watching, dog sledding and snow shoeing. In the evenings curl up by a fire with hot chocolate - OKAY HOW PEFECT!



Mammoth Lakes adventure elopement photographer

Lake Tahoe is a blast in the winter, and not too far from Mammoth Lakes. A ski wonderland, enjoy your favorite things about winter. Take a ski lift to the top of a mountain and elope at the top! 


Italian Alps adventure elopement photographer

If youre up for the joys of winter with a bit of a European flare, head to the Dolomites and Italian Alps. You can elope with incredible snowy mountain views, stay in a classy European chalet, drink your hearts desire of wine, ski some incredible slopes, and then maybe even head down to southern Italy for some sunshine half way through - best of both worlds! 


Itching to have a winter elopement now?! Flights, accommodations and activities might even be at their cheapest in some of these locations, so it’s really the best of all worlds (and don’t worry, I’ll help you score the deals!). I hope this sparked some inspiration for you to plan the winter adventure elopement of your dreams! 

If you’re planning an adventure elopement or destination wedding in any of these places, or want help planning an epic adventure somewhere else, get in touch below! I’m here to help you plan your biggest adventure yet, and photograph the whole thing! 

Location inspiration for your perfect winter adventure elopement | Patagonia Elopement Photographer | National Park Elopement Photography