What is a Day After Bridal Session, and Why are they Important? | Adventure Elopement Photographer

Why is a Day After Session Important | Adventurous Elopement and Intimate Wedding Photography 


Today we’re talking all about bridal sessions, also known as day after sessions. I’m answering your questions about what they are, why you should have them, and everything in between!

“Doing a bridal session before the wedding ended up being one of the best decisions - we got comfortable with being photographed by Nicole, we learned the ways to move for good photos, and we had so much less pressure on our wedding day to feel like we had to get 'all the photos' because we already had hundreds! We got to spend much more time socializing and partying with our friends on the day of - it was perfect! I would recommend Nicole to anyone in an instance. She truly goes above and beyond and is an absolute wonder behind the lens.”


Okay, so you may hear it called a bridal session, or you may hear it called a day after session. In my book, they’re the same. A bridal session is when we hold a session outside of your wedding day, to create wedding portraits. Most of the time, they’re after your wedding day, however I’ve had couples choose to do them before their wedding day, and that’s okay too! Regardless, we throw your wedding outfits back on, go out and have an adventure, and create the best memories and incredible photos as your bridal portraits.



Now to the bigger question - why should you do this?! Well, there are a few big reasons.

Full Creative Control 

With bridal sessions, we have full creative control, meaning we can choose the perfect location, we can structure the shoot around the best time of day for light and we don’t have to be rushed or in a hurry to get back to your reception so we can take our time and adventure. These aspects result in a much more relaxed and creative environment, which results in authentic, true photos of you and your boo. We’ll work together to find a perfect location, give ourselves plenty of time to get creative, and have a blast.

More Time at the Party!

On your wedding day, we have limited time for portraits, because let’s be honest, you wanna get back to the party! You’ve invited all of your family and friends to celebrate with you, and I don’t want to keep you from them for long. By having a bridal session, you’ll know that you’ll have plenty of time to still get beautiful portraits, while not missing out on the party you’re hosting. I’ll take you for just 10 minutes or so to snap a few on the day of, but we’ll spend that time with your friends and family, and worry about getting your wedding portraits on another day where we have full creative control, and you don’t have a party waiting for your entrance ;)


Why do you even want bridal portraits, or wedding photos in general? A big reason a lot of people hire a photographer is so they have something to look back on, and something to leave as their legacy. Tell me you haven’t seen your parents, grand parents, or great grandparents wedding photos. Photo’s leave behind a memory and a legacy, so what do you want yours to tell? Why not invest a bit more time into getting portraits that truly feel like the adventurous, free spirited couple that you are, so that you’re leaving your best legacy behind. 

Uhm, it’s fun!?

My last reason is that it’s just freakin fun. You’re excited, you’re newlywed, you’re high on life. Throw you into an incredible adventure and be forced to snuggle up and love on each other for a few hours? It’s fun! I promise we’ll have a blast of an adventure, and if the last three reasons we’re enough to convince you, let this be the one. I promise you’ll love it!



We can schedule your bridal session to be in the same general area/town as your wedding, we can road trip off some where, or if you’re really feeling adventurous, meet me somewhere on my TRAVEL SCHEDULE to make a vacation out of it, explore a new area and avoid any travel fees!


Never! To all of my previous couples, or couples who are already married, it’s never too late! If you need a redo of your wedding images, or you just want an adventure, it’s not too late. Also, ask me about an anniversary session if you want some adventurous photos of the two of you, just maybe not in your wedding outfits. 


Alright. I’m sold. Let’s freakin do the thing. How do I sign up?

Well - get in touch below! Check out my travel schedule if you want to meet me somewhere neat, or if you want to meet local, I’ll hook you up with some epic spots. 

Why is a Day After Session Important | Adventurous Elopement and Intimate Wedding Photography