Adventurous Hiking Elopement to Cathedral Rock in Sedona | Sedona Elopement Photographer

Sedona Arizona Adventurous Elopement | Hiking elopement to Cathedral Rock  | Destination Elopement Photographer


Where to even begin with this day, DANG! Miranda and Paul’s adventurous elopement in Sedona was a day full of love, hiking, gorgeous red rock, and everything you else you could imagine that this destination holds. It was one of my favorite days of the year and I can’t wait to share it with you! 

From the minute Miranda reached out to me, I knew we were going to be a perfect match and that their elopement day would be one to remember. Originally her and Paul were thinking to elope in Banff National Park, or somewhere with gorgeous mountains. In an email, she joked that they might just elope in Sedona while they were there on a work trip, and I told her that my parents had eloped in Sedona and they’ve been together 27 years so it must be good luck. The next email I received was that they wanted to go for it and elope in Sedona, and it worked out so perfectly with my travel schedule - it was completely meant to be! 

SO THIS DAY! I met Miranda and Paul at their inn around 5 am after picking up some Starbucks for us, cause ya know we have to have coffee for that early wake up call! We drove to the trailhead of Cathedral Rock and began the hike up in the dark - dress and flowers in pack! We made it to the top at the perfect time for them to change and get set up just in time for sunrise. We did a few portraits as light poured into the valley and surrounded the gorgeous red rock that makes Sedona, and then found the perfect spot for them to read their vows. 

Miranda and Paul have quite the back story though. These two dated a bit in high school and kept in touch through their twenties, Paul always knowing that he wanted to make her the one, really from the first minute he saw her on the first day of 10th grade, and switched out of his class so that he could be in hers, and request to sit next to her none the less. As they grew, they stayed pen pals in a little moleskin journal. Well that same journal had a few more pages in the back, and that’s what they used to write their vows in, up to the very last page. WHAT. LIKE WHAT. YEAH. I KNOW. IM DYING OVER HERE TOO! 

They read their vows, took it all in, and we hiked to a midway point on the trail. It was there that we did a few more portraits and dancin around (definitely scroll down to see that photo). We met up with their officiant towards the bottom of the trail so they could have their official ceremony. Right as we were ready to begin, Paul realized he forgot the rings in the car, so he had to run back down to the car and back up the trail (lol, Paul). 

They had their ceremony overlooking Sedona and Cathedral Rock, with a few other hikers as spectators and cheerleaders when they had their first kiss. We popped some champagne and they were MARRIED!

Next up in the day was a picnic! We headed to a river and found a cozy little spot on rocks in the middle of the river, so yeah, we went for a little river walk. They had a yummy little picnic, shared some mini cakes from Whole Foods, and then Miranda wanted to get in the water! She had this vision from pretty early on about how she wanted to get in the water in her dress and have photos like that, so that’s what we did! We played around the super (super) slippery rocks, splashed around and seriously had the best time. Such a good time that once their coverage time was over, we ended up going out for some drinks and apps cause why not keep celebrating! 

This day encompassed everything that makes elopements wonderful. It was FUN, it was stress free and relaxed, they were smiling the whole time, they were so intentional about how they wanted to spend their day, we took our time, we enjoyed some INCREDIBLE views, and I think we all agreed, it couldn’t have been any better. 

Days like this make me love my job so dang much. Thank you to all of you beautiful people that invite me into these days. I’m forever grateful for the moments and relationships I walk out with after these incredible days.

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Sedona Arizona Adventurous Elopement | Hiking elopement to Cathedral Rock  | Destination Elopement Photographer