Solvang and California Coast Golden Sunset Adventurous Engagement Session | Big Sur Elopement Photographer

Justine and Ray’s Solvang and California Coast Golden Sunset Adventure Session | Rocky Cliff Beach Adventurous Engagement Session Big Sur Elopement Photographer


This adventurous engagement session was the best of both worlds. Photos of the quaint little Danish city of Solvang, California at sunrise, and then an adventurous time along the coast on a rocky, cliffy filled beach for sunset. Beautiful light, beautiful places, beautiful souls! 

Justine and I went to the same high school, but after college in London (yeah we’re all jealous), she moved to L.A. where she met Ray! These two are getting married next year and I’m SUPER bummed I’m not available for their wedding, but we were able to have an epic session together in their home of California! 

One of Justine and Ray’s first dates was to Solvang - a danish town about 2 hours north of L.A. near Santa Barbara. With Justine spending so much time in Europe, she clearly loves European flare, and Solvang provides so much of that! This town is super special to both of them, but they also wanted a nature element to their photos. So, we decided on a sunrise session in Solvang, and a sunset session on the coast. 

Sunrise in Solvang worked out perfectly because it felt like we had the whole town to ourselves, not to mention gorgeoussss sunrise light. We explored all of the little streets that Solvang has to offer, before wrapping up for the morning part.

We split, I found some breakfast, explored Solvang now that everything was open, and then we met back up for a wine tasting! These guys are a part of a wine club in Solvang where they get unlimited free tastings, so uhhh heck yeah I was down to do some tastings! 

We were stuck between going to three different state parks for the beach part of their engagement shoot. I went over early to explore all three of them, and ended up finding an even better spot by just pulling over on the highway and hiking down to the beach. We went with this epic spot and it did NOT disappoint. We had the whole beach to ourselves, California blessed us with a killer freakin sunset, and I don’t think a smile left any of our faces the entire time we were there. We frolicked around the beach until the sunset which was a real bummer cause I could’ve stayed there forever! 

These two are serious movie buffs - granite they met by being tour guides on the Warner Brothers lot, but they were totally down to get some epic “movie cover” shots, so we went for it! This was such a fun day, we couldn’t have had a better shoot, and I’m so glad they gave me a reason to come see Solvang

What Justine and Ray had to say about the shoot!

“Nicole is the absolute best! She did an absolutely amazing job on our engagement shoot. She made us feel so comfortable and it was one of the most fun days we've ever had! The photos turned out so beautifully and we've gotten non-stop compliments on them. You are in good hands with Nicole and I highly recommend her for any of your photography needs.”

Looking to do an engagement session in Solvang or plan for a golden sunset California coast elopement? Get in touch below and let’s start chatting about the day of your dreams!

Justine and Ray’s Solvang and California Coast Golden Sunset Adventure Session | Rocky Cliff Beach Adventurous Engagement Session Big Sur Elopement Photographer