Traveling Through Creative Means | Travel and Do Good


Looking to travel in an unconventional way? There are so many options out there that give people the opportunity to travel with a little added flare.

Whether its a work exchange program, a job that gives you the flexibility and benefits to travel, or a trip that gives you the experience of vacation and some volunteer work in the same adventure, there are plenty of eccentric ways to get out there.


Also know as “Willing Workers On Organic Farms”, is a website that connects you, as a willing worker, to organic farms, on which you’ll work some hours in exchange for food and accommodations.

This is a great way to meet likeminded travelers, experience a true cultural immersion, and save some serious cash! Your biggest cost is getting to the farm, but once your there, you’ll receive a great experience for minimal spending, and for as little or as long of time as you and your host decide on. This is especially great for those interested in the environment, sustainability and unique ways of farming around the world.


WorkAway is very similar to WWOOF, although it is much more than farms. This site will connect the traveler with the host, to exchange work for accommodation and stay, through nearly every job you could imagine. You could work in a tea room in France, you could be a nanny in Russia, you could teach yoga at a retreat in Bali…the opportunities are endless.

The price to join is $29 for a year subscription which allows you to make a profile, get in contact with hosts and write what you’re looking for so that hosts can get in touch with you. Again, a great way to experience a cultural exchange at minimal costs.

Teaching English Abroad

Teaching english abroad is a great way to expose yourself to a new culture for a few months at a time, and maybe pick up a bit of their native tongue as well. There are so many ways to go about teaching english abroad.

Sometimes you need a TEFL certification which will likely give you a paid opportunity, although there are also lower scale opportunities where you don’t need certifications and you don’t need to be fluent in your host countries language to go and volunteer for a chunk of time. What ever your travel needs are, there is more than likely a way to reach them through teaching english abroad, and maybe even make some cash doing so!

Have Fun Do Good gives you the chance to travel with purpose. They compose multiple group trips each year, that take you to a destination to have some fun and do some good.

Their next trip is a 4 day adventure in Breckenridge, CO where participants will get to ski/snowboard their hearts out for half of the trip, hang out in the hot tub at the group house (yes, please), and help out with Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center to help give people with special needs and disabilities the chance to experience a mountain shred. I’m sure these snow bunnies will come back from a trip like this with new friends, great memories and a happy heart.


Fathom is a sister cruise line of Carnival Cruises that combines impact and travel. Their ship sails to Cuba or the Dominican Republic, enjoying everything of a cruise experience, but giving you the opportunity to collaborate with local volunteers once in port.

Through these projects you will be contributing to the health, economic growth and environmental success of these communities, and a chance to connect with locals in a truly remarkable way. Check out their sailing dates at


Have you been on one of these adventures? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy traveling my friends xo