Grand Teton Adventurous Engagement Photos | Grand Teton Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Chris & Erin grand teton adventurous engagement photos | grand teton wedding & elopement photographer | national park wedding photographer


If these photos and this view don't inspire you to have a national park wedding or grand teton elopement, I'm not sure what will! Although these two didn't get married here, we were luckily enough to meet up on their epic honeymoon to grand teton national park and have an adventurous photo session to celebrate their new marriage! And it left me with nothing but inspiration for an adventurous wedding here!

Erin and Chris are from the warm homeland of south Florida, and being a couple that lives in a vacation destination already, they decided to spend their honeymoon in the beautiful jackson hole, wyoming to explore the town, and of course grand teton national park. Best decision ever.

During their time they went snowmobiling, dog sledding, skiing, and hung out with ME! We met up on their last night in town and quickly found ourselves surrounded by the incredible mountains that make up the tetons. 

After galavanting through a few fields and trying not to startle any hiding moose or hibernating bears (real concerns, people), we ended the night with the most beautiful teton sunset. It was the most perfect ending to our time together. I'm so glad these two decided to hang out with me and document the memories of their honeymoon.

P.S. These two got major brownie points because they have two yellow labs (heart pound) named Marlin and Bahama ....... I KNOW! Chris is a boat captian for a fisherman and spends his days sailing back and forth to the Bahamas and trying to bring in marlin so it only makes sense.


So, now that you're inspired by those Tetons - who's up for a grand teton elopement?