yosemite national park elopement at olmsted point | yosemite adventure wedding photographer

yosemite national park elopement | sunset elopement at olmsted point | yosemite adventure wedding photographer


There are so many beautiful moments in life, but for Desiree and Daniel, their elopement in yosemite national park at olmsted point has to be one of the things on the top of their lists. This elopement was something straight out of a fairytale. Their national park elopement portraits were scheduled perfectly for sunset, which left us shooting in that famous yosemite pink sunset light, which was nothing short of magical. 

olmsted point is an incredible spot as it looks - with views of what seems like the entire yosemite valley and magnificent granite walls, it can easily leave you speechless. Add Dan and Des to the mix and it wasn't hard to create something special. 

Des and Dan are two sweet lovers from San Diego, CA who made the 6 hour drive up north to yosemite national park. these guys had no reservations when it came to an adventure wedding and eloping in a national park. We made a pit stop at a gas station for des to pee in her wedding dress before continuing on our drive to olmsted point. Gas station pee in your wedding dress?!  YOU GO DES! 

After a few shots in the forest, we continued on, arriving at olmsted point at with perfect timing for the beautiful sunset this night. This adventure wedding was one for the books, and especially stands out in my head because of what happened in the middle of their elopement! Find out at the bottom of this post what I just happened to drop down the mountain, yep, down the mountain!


After this incredible national park wedding, I feel more at peace about this little event...BUT. About 20 minutes into shooting these portraits, I sat my camera bag down on a boulder that now looking back, wasn't the most solid surface. Midst shooting, I hear a plop, turn around to see my camera bag on its side, with my 100mm lens rolling out of it! It bounced its way all the way down the mountain we were on and my heart ripped apart each time it hit. BUT, yosemite must have been feeling kind that evening because once I recovered the lens, I discovered that it WASN'T BROKEN! The mount was crushed, but the glass was still in tact. $200 later I was able to fix the mount and I still use that lens at almost every shoot! 


Thanks for stopping by and checking out this incredible Yosemite national park elopement at olmsted point. If you're in the market for an adventurous wedding photographer, or need help in planning what it would look like to have an adventure wedding or adventure elopement, get it touch! I'd love to chat.