Intimate Seaside Wedding in Boston | New England Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Alicia and David's intimate seaside wedding in south boston | boston intimate wedding photography | new england elopement photographer 


This intimate seaside wedding was everything you'd imagine it to be. This was my second time up to Boston, but my first time really getting to explore it, and these two made it TOTALLY worth it. 

Alicia and David have won the spot of my favorite "how we met story" to date. The story goes like this. Alicia went to church on Sunday morning and saw this guy David being an usher. She noticed him and thought, hey he's cute, but didn't think much else of it. Well her day goes on, she heads to the gym, and there he is again! He's at the front desk of the gym talking to another guy working there. She's never noticed him before this day, yet sees him twice.

She decides that she's going to muster up the courage to talk to him by the time her workout is done. Okay, solid plan, solid plan. Workout comes to an end and HE'S GONE! Her curiosity gets the best of her at this point, so she goes up to the front desk guy to ask if he knew who this mysterious man is. She asks the desk boy, and it turns out, DESK BOY IS MYSTERIOUS MANS BROTHER! (favorite part).

At this point, she figures she's got nothing to lose, so she gives her his number, and tells desk boy to pass it along to mysterious man if he's interested. Well, kudos to your persistence Alicia because that night he texted her, they went on a date, and now about a year later, they're married and living in Boston. HOW CUTE IS THAT. 

Alright, well onto their wedding! David and Alicia got married in their sweet little church, and headed off to a reception on the water, that over looked the Boston skyline. It was mighty cold, being it February, in Boston, and on the water, but man were they troopers!!! They had only their closest friends and family there surrounding them with love and support, which made this day to be so intimate + cozy. The love that these to have for one another is beyond perfect and I'm excited to watch their marriage grow and see where there adventures take them. 


If you're planning an intimate wedding near Boston, or would like to elope anywhere in New England, please reach out! I'd love to hear about your vision and help you in documenting the best day of your life.