Carefree Lancaster Engagement Photos | Lancaster Wedding Photographer

Carefree Lancaster Engagement Photos | Lancaster, PA Wedding Photographer | Pennsylvania Elopement Photographer 


Meet Jody and Andrea, again! This time we’re looking at their carefree engagement photos taken in Lancaster, PA. You might remember them from way early back, when I photographed them in downtown Lancaster, before they were actually engaged! 


Well, tables have turned and now these two are officially tying the knot and having a Lancaster wedding in November, and I got the honor of shooting their engagement photos. No wedding photography for me on November 24th cause girlfriend gets to be a guest this time!


These two are so comfortable and candid with each other, and it makes them so fun to shoot, and seriously so carefree! It also helps that Jody was one of my best friends through college - so there's a higher comfort level there, BUT STILL! We chose this park in Lancaster, PA (which is actually a wedding venue that I’ll be photographing later this year!) because it’s where these two met, where they started their lives, and where they plan on sticking around for awhile!


Rockford plantation is a beautiful wedding venue, and made for gorgeous engagement photos! Lancaster will always have a sweet spot in my heart, especially since it’s filled with people I love - these two being a part of that!

If you’re planning a Lancaster, PA wedding, or elopement in Pennsylvania and need a photographer, please get in touch! While I love photographing destination and adventure weddings, I love to have a few weddings each year in this beautiful area. Let’s get chatting!