Scotland Trip Itinerary (Part 2) | Scottish Highlands Elopement Photographer

Second part to my Scotland Trip Itinerary | Scottish Highlands Elopement Photography | Isle of Skye destination wedding photographer


It’s time for part two of my Ireland + Scotland itinerary/trip blog post! This post will be going over our time in Scotland, but you can see the post about Ireland here


The night of day four on our trip we headed over to Scotland by ferry from Belfast. NICEST FERRY EVER. This ferry was legitimately a cruise ship that held cars. It had a spa, movie theatre, sleeping room, multiple restaurants and cafes. The ship was loaded. We made our way from Cairnryan, where the boat dropped us off, up to Ayr for the night. The next morning we made the trek from Ayr to Inverness, stopping at Stirling Castle and an afternoon tea spot in Perth along the way. 


While in Inverness we stayed at the Rossmount Bed and Breakfast with our host Robert and his lovely wife. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. They were the best guests and made the most delicious breakfast in the morning. Their bed and breakfast was in the perfect location to explore Inverness for a few days. We spent an entire day learning about the Battle of Culloden, exploring the battlefield and nearby sights, and in the following days spent some time on Loch Ness and the other nearby lochs, and even saw Nelly…we think…


From Inverness we made the drive to Isle of Skye, Scotland, which was probably my favorite part of the trip. Isle of Skye was UNREAL. If anyone is trying to elope or have a destination wedding there, hit a girl UPPPP! We spent two days at the Isle of Skye, mainly driving around and exploring the nooks and crannies while taking in all of the views. The first day we spent a good chunk of time at the fairy pools, playing around with landscape photography and enjoying the mountains, where on the second day we stoped by Old Man Storr and hiked the beautiful Quirang loop trail. Isle of Skye held some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever laid my eyes on. 


Our last days in Scotland were spent making our way back down to Cairnryan, with a stop in Glencoe and Fort Williams. For some reason we thought that both of these towns were much bigger and with much more to do and see, but we were underwhelmed. I’d love to go back to Glencoe with the intent and gear to hike and see some of their nature trails because there was a ton of that, but we weren’t prepared to spend our time in that way. 


I had been to Scotland before, exploring Stirling, St. Andrews, Edinburgh and Glasgow, but this was my first time in the Scottish Highlands and I absolutely fell in love. The highlands and the Isle were absolutely stunning, filled with incredible history and the friendliest of people.

I’ll be back very soon - and I’m hoping it’s for an Isle of Skye wedding or Scottish Highlands elopement! If that's you, get in touch below!