Must Have's Items to Survive Overnight Flights | Destination Elopement Wedding Photographer

Must Have's Items to Survive Overnight Flights | Destination Elopement Wedding Photographer | Traveling Wedding Photographer


Overnight flights can be a serious drag if walked into casually. They can make or break your first day in your destination, so make sure you have these must have items to survive and thrive your overnight flight!

The longest flight journey I took was to the Philippines - and the longest leg of that flight was, wait for it, nearly SIXTEEN HOURS. Mixed with 3 other (relatively) shorter connecting flights. While I was expecting this flight to seem like an entire lifetime, I went into it mentally prepared and ready to sit, but having these little helpers made it a whole lot better. Even if your flight is just an 8 hour trek over the atlantic, these are still MUST HAVES for those long journeys.

Eye Mask
I'm not usually a big fan of eye masks but on longer flights they're great for blocking out light in the cabin to help you achieve as much sleep as you can get. There are so many distractions, it's nice to block out that sense of sight.

Neck Pillow
Neck pillows serve two purposes. They stop you from having an awkward cuddle sesh with your neighbor, and help you to not have a painful neck on your first day in your destination. My neck pillow is my FAVORITE because it can be a neck pillow, or you can flip it inside out to be a square pillow, which is really nice to have in hostels when they give you a pillow that's usually more like another sheet (for us thick pillow lovers).

Comfy Layered Clothing +Fuzzy Socks
Planes rarely stay at a normal, comfortable temperature. More often than not they're pretty cold, especially on overnights, but I've had some crazy hot flights as well. That's why I always dress in as many layers as possible, usually looking like a bum, but it gives you the convenience of creating your own temperature. I also try to have a hoodie on me so when I fall asleep, I can throw on the hood and be in my own little cabin.

AND NEVER FORGET FUZZY SOCKS. I always bring a pair in my bag, and immediately after getting on the plane, shoes come off and fuzzy socks go on. Boys, invest in a pair ;)

Ear Plugs & Ear Phones
Ear plugs are so freaking essential. For planes, for hostels, for life. You can get a pack of 8 or 10 for only a few bucks and it will make the world of a difference. Again, eye mask on, ear plugs in, hood up, fuzzy socks on, and you're bound to get a few hours of sleep.

When I don't have my ear plugs in, I usually have a headphones in for movies, podcasts, tv, music etc. Never. Forget. Headphones.

Advil PM
Remember when your parents would give you a shot of Benadryl to help you fall asleep on the plane or a long car ride or was that just my parents..Anyways, Advil PM is a great little tool to take a few minutes before you want to fall asleep. For me, it doesn't necessarily help me fall asleep, but once I'm asleep it helps me stay asleep instead of waking up every 30 minutes like I usually do on a flight. If the idea of taking medicine freaks you out you can also use Dream Water. It's at most pharmacy places, and is just a little shot of flavored water that has a dose of melatonin in it. I've tried this 2 or 3 times but Advil PM just works better for my body.

Toiletry Bag
I like to keep a little bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and either face soap or face wipes (yall know my need to wash my face). When you get off the flight, or your in the last hour or so, it's incredible what a clean mouth and face can make you feel like.

Coffee/Nap Trick
On overnights, I like to drink a cup of coffee and take a little nap in the last hour. It takes caffeine about 30 minutes to hit you're blood stream so if you drink some coffee and take a quick 30 min nap, you'll wake up extra refreshed and ready to go when it's time to start your adventure!

TV Screens and Snacks
Always check to see what your airline/aircraft situation is going to be like. Making sure you have movie screens and options for your flight is a must. Most have them, but it would be a serious bummer to get on your flight and realize you don't have any entertainment options. Additionally, check out the food scene. A lot of airlines are starting to charge for meals and even the little snacks. If you check in advance you can be prepared with snacks and meals if your airline is trying to charge you your first born child for a ham sandwich.



Long haul flights really aren't too bad if you have all your comfort items, some good movies, and can get a good little sleep in. Don't let your fear of being stuck on a plane for a few hours stop you from seeing some incredible places.

I'd love to hear your other flight/travel must haves - let me hear them in the comments below!

Happy travels :)

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