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There are a lot of cool places in the world. Like a ton. But there are some extra epic locations that would be perfect destinations for you to have your elopement! Whether you like the beach scene, lakes, mountains, ice, cities, or something else, there is a perfect place waiting for you! 

The most important thing when choosing a location to elope in, is to think about the experience YOU want to have. Do you want to relax with the smell of pine tress surrounding you? Do you want to do a glacier hike the morning before your elopement, and explore waterfalls after your ceremony? Do you want red dirt stains on your dress cause you’re a desert girl? Or how about beautiful beaches and incredible food? I’ve got somewhere for all of you!

I’ve included 4 destinations within the United States and 4 destinations international to the United States, so the first step is deciding if you want to stay in the US, or if you’re ready to whip out a passport.


Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is an incredible place to visit, let alone elope. Acadia is similar to the Pacific Northwest of the East. It has pine trees, sea breeze and enough hikes to last you a lifetime. But don’t forget, it’s also the lobster and blueberry capital of the world (in my book, not officially), and filled with delicious seafood. Cadillac Mountain is the first place that the sun rises on the east coast, and would make a stunning location for your ceremony. Spend the rest of the day hiking Jordan Pond or whale watching, and end your evening with a delicious seafood buffet! 

Priest Lake, Idaho

Priest Lake Idaho is a hidden gem on earth. The only reason I know about it is because I grew up going there as a kid. It is a pristine lake that sits in the Idaho panhandle, just a few miles south of the Canadian border. There are moose wandering nearby, wild huckleberries growing on every trail, and the coziest of cabins in all the land. Stay at a lodge, rent a boat for the day and explore upper priest which is untouched wild land. If you’re looking for a place where you can swim in the day, have a campfire at night, snuggle in a cabin and smell pine tree’s all around you, Priest Lake is your place!

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is another park that is so darn perfect for an elopement. The first time I visited Zion, my jaw literally dropped. I was shocked at the sheer size of the rocks surrounding me. There are some incredible hikes, beautiful lookouts, and tons of beautiful land surrounding the park it’s self if you want to escape the tourists. Zion definitely has a desert vibe, that will look striking against your wedding dress!

Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina is such a fun little town. If you want to combine food, beach, southern charm and history into one place, Charleston’s got ya! You could have a ceremony downtown, or just out a bit in the beautiful backroads covered in Spanish moss. Downtown Charleston has the best foodie scene for your wedding night dinner, and spend the next day relaxing on Sullivan Island beach!


Norway is incredible. Imagine fjords, glaciers, lakes, mountains, nordic sweaters, and you have yourself in Norway. Depending on the time of year, you might even find yourselves seeing the northern lights! Norway has the most incredible landscapes. Have a ceremony on a cliff looking over a fjord! Take bridal photos at a glacial lake. End your day with a campfire as the northern lights dance over you. Magical. 


Santorini might be the perfect place to elope if you’re after a beach, European culture, and bomb Mediterranian food. Santorini is the little Greek Island with all the white and blue little houses. Yep, cute as heck. Elope here and have stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and incredible sunsets as you enjoy olives and hummus for dinner!

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a mytic beautiful land. Similar to Isle of Skye Scotland or even parts of Iceland, it is a chain of islands that lies west of the European continent, and is a planet of it’s own. If you’re after incredible landscapes, nordic charm, and very few people, the Faroe Islands might be your perfect place to elope. Just don’t worry about your hair too much because its mega windy! 

New Zealand

New Zealand is similar to a sunny Iceland! Fjords, glacial lakes, caves, beaches, volcanos, alpine, and alpine hiking - if you’re after a geological wonderland and all types of adventure, New Zealand is your place. She’s definitly not lacking landscape or activity if you’re looking for a true adventurous elopement! 


There are endless places I could recommend to elope. Yosemite, Sedona, Iceland, Morrocco, Mt. Rainier, the Redwoods, Alaska, Ireland, Barcelona… If none of these places above seem to fit what you’re after in your elopement destination, there is one out there for you. If you’re planning a destination elopement of any kind, get in touch below and I can help you choose the most perfect place to say your vows, and get. freakin. married!! 

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