10 Days in Italy - Florence, Amalfi Coast, Rome | Amalfi Coast Italy Destination Wedding Photographer

Some photos from our 10 days in Italy visiting Florence, the Amalfi Coast and Rome | Florence Italy Destination Elopement Photographer | Traveling Wedding Photographer

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Back in January, Chad and I spent 10 days in Italy traveling between Florence, the Amalfi Coast and Rome. Today Iā€™m sharing a few photos from that adventure, mostly landscapes, with a few of our faces thrown in!

We were actually supposed to spend a few days in Zermatt, Switzerland, but the weather had other plans. After Zermatt was closed due to record breaking snowfall and avalanche warning, we ended up (deciding in the car on the way to the airport) that we'd take a train from Geneva to Florence, and spend that time in Florence instead! So after a day in Geneva, off to Florence we went!

The first three days in Florence were wonderful. The best pizza I had the entire trip was the very first one we had at a cute little restaurant down a random street. We explored tons of what the city had to offer, spent one day lost on the wrong bus trying to get to a wine tasting (oops) and the last day actually at a wine tasting through an Airbnb experience. 

We then took a train to Naples, where we rented a car and drove to the Amalfi Coast. At 11pm, an hour out from our town of Praiano, our car got a flat tire. Thank goodness Chad knows cars and was able to change a tire on the side of an Italian highway in the pitch dark - haaa!

Our airbnb in Praiano on the Amalfi coast was the dreamiest of dreams. We had a balcony that looked over the sea, and a bowl full of fresh citrus! We spent our time in Amalfi driving between all of the towns, strolling the narrow streets, eating more pizza and drinking more wine, and spent a day on the little island of Capri! 

Our last leg of the trip was Rome, after a quick stop in Pompeii. I had heard such mixed things about Rome, but we both really loved it! Our Airbnb was right behind the Pantheon, stellar location for exploring the city. On the first night, our Airbnb host recommended a restaurant across the street that was a highlight of the trip. We walked in to a cozy room, with a set menu for a  5 course roman meal all made by an ancient little Italian woman in the back. Yep. It was as good as it sounds!

We did lots of walking in Rome, seeing all of the ruins, taking a walking tour, eating, learning how to make pasta, and drinking lots of wine. We did another Airbnb Experience called Off the Beaten Path, where we toured an artsy suburb of Rome, visiting local craftsman shops. I will link all of our Airbnbs's and Experiences at the bottom of this post - highly recommend all of them!

Enjoy these snapshots and let me know your favorite part of Italy!

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