Pre Wedding First Look, Vow Exchange and Bridal Portraits - An Elopement Experience for Those Who Can't Elope!

Pre Wedding First Look, Vow Exchange and Bridal Portraits | The Elopement Experience | Adventurous Elopement Photographer | Elopement Wedding Photographer



Alright. So you're torn between eloping and a traditional wedding. You love the outdoors and traveling, you want the experience of an elopement, photos in an epic place, memories of an unforgettable adventure with your lover,  and an intimate place to say your vows privately.

But, you also have a big family, can't imagine them all not being there, totally want a crazy party with your people afterwards, and know that not everyone can travel for a destination wedding. Well guess what! Problem solved - I've got the best of both worlds for you!


I offer what's called a day after session or bridal session to couples who book wedding collections with me. Typically this includes an evening (or morning) of shooting together, either the next day or a few days after your wedding. You throw back on that dress (yay for wearing it a second time!), your hubby throws on his wedding attire, and we head out to a super beautiful location, at a time with killer light, and shoot our hearts out.

This gives you the bridal images of your dreams, seeing as we have the time, space, and creative freedom to create images outside of your wedding day. It's a double win because it also means we have to spend less time shooting your bridal portraits on the actual wedding day. Yes - you get to spend as much time as possible with all of those friends and family members that came out to celebrate you, actually eat those cocktail shrimp you paid for, AND we get to have a killer time together a few days later.


Well, now I'm taking this experience up a notch. I'm offering you another way to have this experience, with a few extra elements added in! This option involves your first look in the destination of your dreams, intimately sharing pre-wedding vows, and creating the memories and photos of a day after session, all happening a few days before your wedding!

This will be a true first look - you'll have all the time in the world to be present in the moment, and have that incredibly special moment somewhere outside of your venue, and somewhere that makes your jaw drop. Your soon-to-be hubby seeing you in your dress for the first time with endless mountains behind you, or by the river where you had your first date. And better yet, having the time to enjoy and revel in that moment because you don't have to rush to the next part of the day. 


I constantly hear from couples that they'd like to write their own vows but don't like the idea of proclaiming those intimate thoughts and words for all to hear, and would much rather just do it with their person, so they opt for traditional vows and maybe letters to each other. Sharing pre wedding vows allows you to promise your own vows to one another, in an intimate and beautiful setting, and share that moment together. Vowing the deepest parts of your heart to the person in front of you, and giving yourself the space to be vulnerable with them. 

Through this experience, we'll take our time in creating beautiful bridal portraits of the two of you. We'll have flexibility with our locations, and the only rush we'll have is the sun. Whether it be a hike to the top of a mountain, stroll around a lake, or mini road trip to hit all of the places that mean the most to you two, we won't have to rush.

Epic photos. Unforgettable memories. Intimate vows. Intentional moments. The ultimate pre wedding pep rally. 

Who's in?


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