Favorite Photos from Zimbabwe | 2 Seconds Or Less | Zimbabwe Travel Photographer

Favorite Moments from Zimbabwe | 2 Seconds Or Less | Zimbabwe Travel Photographer


If you follow along on my social media, then you probably saw that I spent 2 weeks of June in Zimbabwe. And if you realllllly follow along my social media then you’ll know why I was there, and the organization I hold near and dear to my heart. 2 Seconds Or Less.


Right as I decided I wanted to try and build something out of this photography thing I love (aka start my business), I got an email from a girl named Christie (heeyyyy Christieeee!). She had co-founded an organization called 2 Seconds Or Less and had my resume from a few years back when I given it to a 2SOL rep at Millersville's internship fair. 2SOL was looking to hire someone part time and long story short, IT WAS THE PERFECT FIT. 2SOL allowed me the flexibility and space to give true effort into my business, but also gave me a steady little paycheck AND gave me a passion project to exercise my other passion of international justice. Oh, and a social life🙃.


I’ve been with 2SOL for a year and a half now and it’s grown to hold an even bigger part of my heart. So what is it? 2 Seconds Or Less partners with the most incredible organization in Zimbabwe, Nhaka Foundation, to work with rural impoverished communities and build large scale nutrition gardens at their schools. Once implemented, this ensures that students are receiving a meal at school, which is critical in keeping them enrolled, and having the capacity to pay attention and actually retain the information they’re learning. 


On the flip side, around the time that I joined the picture, 2SOL began implementing student vision trips with hopes that we could take high school students over to Zimbabwe for a cultural leadership experience that will change the way they see the world, see poverty, see international development and so much more, while they’re still at a young, impressionable and actionable age.


This trip in June was our second student vision trip, and we rolled into Zimbabwe with a big ol group of 22 of us. We were there for 11 days and it was the most incredible thing to witness what 2SOL is all about and everything that this partnership has accomplished, first hand. As some one who has traveled, spent time in developing countries, and felt confident in my knowledge of poverty, I walked away from Zim with SO many things learned, so many probing questions, so many new ideas of what Zimbabwe is, what poverty is, and what 2 Seconds or Less and Nhaka are capable of. 

Zimbabwe is an incredible country, filled with the happiest, and most proud citizens I've ever encountered. You experience love + intentionality + genuine curiosity from each person you encounter. Zimbabwe is filled with such faith in their country, and hope for the future, that it can't help but be contagious. 

I hope to make a second blog post on this, and dive a little deeper into those things mentioned, however for now, you have the intro! I wanted to share some of my favorite moments + photos from this trip. As my main role was to document the trip, get marketing content for 2SOL and memories for students, I came back with SO much content - but these next photos are some of my favorites.