Flight Deals That You Can't Afford to Miss! | Destination Elopement Photographer

Flight Deals That You Can't Afford to Miss! | Destination Elopement Photographer | Traveling Wedding Photographer


Only continue on with this blog post if you're ready to buy a flight causeeee it might happen 🙃 There are some INSANE flight deals going on right now to so many destinations, and if you're looking for a little (or big) getaway, you can't afford to miss these!

I've talked about Norwegian and WOW airlines before, and they're both having mega sales right now, as well as other airlines. It seems that this time of year is when airlines like to give some of their biggest discounts, so if you're not feeling spontaneous this year, maybe plan to purchase tickets this time next year! These flights are for departures this fall and on Norwegian, into next spring.

The first thing I'll cover is Norwegian Air, because they're my favorite budget airline (yay for free carry on's!). On the east coast, Norwegian flies out of JFK, EWR and Newburgh Stewart airport (SWF), with their best rates being out of SWF. If you go to, https://www.norwegian.com/us/, you can search for rates, and you can Menu in the top left hand corner, and then click destinations. That will take you to this screen below.

From here, you can put in your budget, your departure city, and if you don't know where you wanna go, put in if you want to go somewhere hot or cold, and it will show you all the best deals! 

Right now, out of SWF (3 hour drive for my Lancaster folk), you can fly for these rates (*one way):


Dublin, Ireland: $99

Edinburgh, Scotland: $89

Belfast, Ireland: $103

Bergen, Norway: $94 

Copenhagen, Denmark: $168

Barcelona, Spain: $170

TIP: Also, know that once you're in Europe, flights are insanely cheap to get around (like as cheap as $15 sometimes) so if you want to go to say Berlin, you could fly into Dublin for $99 and then find a flight to Berlin from there (check out EasyJet and RyanAir).

SECOND TIP: Buy a one way ticket on your phone, then go on in your computer (or second device) and it'll ask you to choose your country when you open the homepage. Select the country you're leaving from, so for example Ireland, and it'll give you cheaper return rates. They'll be in that countries currency, so don't forget to check the conversion, but usually still cheaper. For example when I clicked US, it showed me a return flight back from Dublin would be $240. I did the same exact flight but on a different computer and clicking on Ireland at the homepage, and it quoted me 129euro/150USD. MAGIC. And don't worry, it's just how the system works, its not a passport thing so you'll be fine.

ALRIGHT. Now WOWair. WOWair is great to fly out of Baltimore for us east coasters. Currently WOW is running a promo code where if you put "WOWSALE" in the promo box, it'll give you up to 40% off selected dates. They fly to some similar locations that Norwegian does, however they have a bit more diversity. Also, great for Iceland. And you can add a stopover in Iceland if you want to check it out for a day or two! Here are some of the rates going out of Baltimore currently.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 2.20.05 PM.png

Also, similarly to Norwegian Air, you can look at their cheapest rates from your departure city, and choose where to go from that. On the home page, hover over flights and click Best Fares and it'll take you to the best fares out of your city!

The last flight deal I'll let ya in on is to Bali! Right now flights to Bali, and other parts of Southeast Asia are on a pretty good deal. Flying out of New York you're looking around $550 out of JFK and a bit more (but not by much) out of neighboring airports (BWI, EWR, IAD). 

And if you can find a cheap flight to L.A. or are already on the west coast, then you can explore Bali for even less out of L.A. $450! 

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 2.19.42 PM.png

These deals probably won't stick around for too much longer, so if you feel like booking, I'd secure the flight, and then proceed to do the rest of your trip planning from there. Let me know in the comments below if you end up booking one of these deals! My mom and I already booked a one way ticket to Shannon, Ireland for next March (this might be becoming an annual thing ;) ) and I'm heavily thinking about booking a quick weekend trip to one of these spots for the fall!

Lastly, all of these places would make for an INCREDIBLE elopement experience. If you think it'd be cool but have no idea where to start - no worries. I GOT YOU! Get in touch and I can help you plan, and shoot! the best day of your life. AND, if it's before these deals go away, I won't charge you travel fees!

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