July Favorites! | Traveling Wedding Photographer

Know those people that say, “oh my gosh that’s my favorite ever” about literally everything? Hi, my name is Nicole and I’m an obsessive favoriter. My roommates used to joke that I’d fall in love with something new every day, and they weren’t wrong. 

With that said, there are so many products, places, activities etc that I love, and i thought that it would be fun to share my favorite things of the month with y’all at the end of each month, because maybe you’ll love them too! These things are in no particular order, and is a pretty random assortment of categories, but they’re all GREAT! So, here is what I’ve been loving the last few weeks!


These shorts are freakin magical if you’re a girl. They DON’T have that annoying built in underwear that most women’s active wear shorts have AND they have pockets on the outside and inside. They dry mega quickly if you get them wet, they’re made out of recycled material, made ETHICALLY, and they come in so many colors and patterns. They typically run for $55 (which honestly they’re worth) but I found mine on backcountry.com on sale for $37 so maybe go check out backcountry! You’re gonna order one pair and then end up getting two more like me 🙃




I’ve always like chai tea + chai tea lattes but OH MAN I’m obsessed right now. My mom and I had tea and popovers at the Jordan Pond House in Acadia and their chai was SOOO DARN GOOD and it’s the only drink I’ve gotten over the last month soooo someone send help..


This app is free to download and has a decent amount of free meditations inside. You can upgrade but I’ve been fine with the free version for awhile and they’re perfect little guided meditations that only last a few minutes which is helpful when you’re just after quick little practices.


I’ve debated getting an Apple Watch for awhile now mainly to help me on wedding days but I kept convincing myself it wouldn’t be worth the money and would be more gimmicky than useful. However the basic series one went on sale at good ol Wally World for $150 so I jumped and so far I actually love it way more than I was expecting to. Wedding photographers - you TOTALLY need one. Being able to have the timeline right on your wrist, reminders of any shots you don’t want to forget, sunset time, photo inspiration, alerts when your second is trying to get ahold of you, being able to access your messages and not be on your phone and moreeeee. And even outside of wedding days, I’ve found myself using it a ton. 10/10 recommend.


This beautiful mountain wins location of the month (however I’m writing this before I get to Banff....August 😉). I had always seen Mt. Rainier but I hadn’t actually been in the National Park but holy SMOKES it was beautiful. Also the photo below is a favorite of its own but I’ll tie it into this. I don’t know if I’ve felt so emotionally attached to a photo before. I’m obsessed with this image and was obsessed with that moment and that mountain. Get yo booty there ASAP. 




I’m a fan of most types of music, although I definitely listen to country more in the summer. Chris Lane just released a new album and its so good for those happy, windows down driving days.


I’ve always loved kayaking, however chad just purchased a kayak so we’ve been kayaking more and more and I love it! There’s no better way to spend a morning or sunset than on the still water paddling around. Now I just need some glacier lakes around me to enjoy ;)


A few months ago I picked up a Polaroid camera with the intention to take a photo a day for my 24th year. It hasn’t really played out like that however I LOVE that little thing! There is something about being able to print out a nostalgic little image and not being able to edit it or recreate it that makes me love it just as much as my expensive camera gear