White Cliffs of Conoy Lancaster, PA adventure engagement session | Adventure Elopement Photographer 

Lancaster, PA engagement session | White Cliffs of Conoy adventure photos | Adventure Elopement Photographer 

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This adventure engagement session at the White Cliffs of Conoy right outside of Lancaster, PA was one of my favorite local sessions this year. While I love me a good adventure elopement too, I had such a blast with these two. 

Erin and Matt reached out to me over the summer to shoot their intimate winter wedding in Cape May. After our first phone call, I instantly knew they were going to be a great fit - and I wasn’t wrong! For their engagement session, they wanted to keep it outside and somewhere gorgeous. I’d heard a lot about the White Cliffs, which were just a few minutes outside of Lancaster, PA,  but hadn’t yet shot there, so we decided to go for an adventure. We walked along and made our way to the cliffs, just in time for a gorgeoussss, I mean gorgeoussss, sunset to hit us. 

These guys were total naturals in front of the camera, and it probably helped that Erin is the smiliest, happiest lady I’ve ever met ever. She has a way of making everything seem so wonderful, which made the cold, windy day seem like nothin. Her and Matt snuggled up as I prompted them into positions, enjoying the sunset and each other. And before they wrapped up, they broke out some champagne (yes pleaseeee!). 

Erin and Matt’s winter wedding in Cape May was just as wonderful as this engagement session, and I can’t wait for you to see it in just a few weeks - stay tuned! 


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