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4 practices for self care | Adventure elopement photographer | successful creative entrepreneur habits 


Something that I’ve grown more and more passionate in in the past few months is self care - figuring out what that looks like (more than just bath bombs and a fluffy robe, but hey I’m all about that too), and creating systems that keep myself in mind. I think it’s important for everyone to practice self care and self love, but especially important for creative entrepreneurs. 

So much of our work is personal, which can take a hard toll on how you feel about your stress and how you feel emotions. There are rarely boundaries, so it’s easy for stress from your business to follow you around into all aspects of your life. And let’s be honest. Being a creative entrepreneur is an emotional rollercoaster. One minute you think you’re killing it, the next you’re questioning everything you’ve ever created, but then you feel confident, and hit a low where you’re ready to quit. And that’s just in one day! 

But the truth is, as a creative entrepreneur, you’re likely serving people. And you can’t serve out of a cup that’s empty. For real girl. You’ve gotta invest in yourself to be able to invest in other people. And a great way to do that is practicing self care, self love, and putting yourself first. Here’s your permission to do so if you were waiting on that ;) 

Here are four easy practices to implement self care into your daily habits:


Positive Self Talk

This can feel funny at first, but you gotta fake it till you make it. Pick a mantra or a phrase that you can repeat to yourself  that will keep you feeling positive. Even better, every time you notice  yourself having a negative thought or saying something negative to yourself, turn that the heck AROUND. “ I can’t” to “I can”, “I don’t have” to “ I have” “I’m not good enough” to “ I’m so good enough”. You’ve gotta believe in yourself before others believe in you - and a big piece of that comes from the words you’re telling yourself every day. 

Creating Boundaries

I’ll be honest with you, I struggle at this one - harddddd. But I’m working on it. And I think the more boundaries you can have, the more you can compartmentalize your energy. Try finding just 1-2 ways that you can implement boundaries into your life, so that the emotion (good, bad and in between) doesn’t bleed into all parts of your life. Pick one time a day to respond to emails, and leave it at that. Leave your phone behind when you go on a walk etc. They don’t have to be major to be majorly impactful. 

Reflect and Have Perspective

It’s important to reflect often, and have perspective. By that I mean, having a helicopter view of your life and putting things in perspective. For example, September + October are my busiest months of the year. When I’m in it, I’m like holy cow what am I doing how am I surviving. But if you can look down at your life with a helicopter view and put it all into perspective, it’ll take out the overwhelm and intense emotion. Or in the opposite sense, January/Feburary is a pretty slow time. And I naturally start questioning everything about what im doing with my life and if I’m on the right path. This is where reflection can really help you. Look back at how far you’ve come, the work you’ve put in (in your personal development and in your business) and WHY you’ve done that. Taking yourself out of the situation and looking at it from afar will always bring down the intensity of emotion, and help you feel much more even keeled, if not even more positive. 

Identify your Joy and prioritize it

Lastly, and probably the one that has made the biggest impact for me, is identifying what brings you joy and incorporating it as much as you can into your routine. And they can be the easiest of things. Some of my simple ones are morning walks with my dog, not waking up to an alarm, mint tea, time to read, more walks with my dog. Some of my more elaborate ones are traveling, my pottery class, dining experiences (loveeee me a long meal), massages or facials. My simple ones I make time for nearly all of them every day. Waking up when I naturally do, starting my day with coffee talk or walking Sophie, drinking mint tea as I work, taking a break mid day to take Sophie for another walk (or just snuggle her), making time in the evening to read. Such simple things but my day would be way less enjoyable with out them, and overall, I think they make me a much happier person. 


this outdoor bath? MAJORRRRR JOY!

So there ya have it! 4 practices to help yourself become the best person + girl boss you can be. Let me know your self care tips below!