Cozy Winter Solstice Intimate Wedding in Cape May, NJ | Cape May Elopement Photographer | Winter Wedding Inspiration

Cape May NJ Intimate Wedding Photographer | Cozy Winter Wedding Inspiration | Cape May Elopement Photography


If you’ve ever thought about having a winter wedding, this cozy, winter solstice wedding at Beach Plum Farms in Cape May, NJ is for SURE going to reel you in! 

I’m a fan of winter, but I’m EXTRA a fan of all of those cozy, warm, festive, hygge type winter feelings - and this intimate winter wedding celebration was ALL OF THAT AND MORE! Erin and Matt are gems. Just two gem’s of humans, and the most perfect together. Matt grew up spending a lot of time in Cape May, NJ, and over the last 12 years that these two have been together, Erin has gotten her fair share too. 

I’ll be honest, when I first heard that they wanted to getting married in Cape May in winter - I was a bit confused. I hadn’t ever been to Cape May, but I knew it was a beach town that people spent the summers at, and that was that. Well, good thing they proved me wrong because this charming little town in just as alive in winter with all of its festive holiday decorations. 

Now let’s talk about this venue. Beach Plum Farms - ohhhhh my goodness. This might be the winner of my favorite wedding venue. This little farm is new to weddings, but is so so perfect for an intimate, intentional get together of all your favorite people. With multiple cabins + small homes around the property (that are ADORABLE), there is plenty of space for people to get ready, or even spend the weekend together.

The property is gorgeous - trees, gardens, a stream, little trails. Erin and Matt had their ceremony in the main storefront, which has the cutest cabin vibe to it, and then their reception in what looks like a greenhouse. Their reception was filled with Christmas trees, fair lights, candles and everything that made you want to snuggle up and celebrate at the same time. And the food. Goodness gracious. Delicious!

Erin + Matt have treated me like family from the begining, and their family welcomed me in with open arms. The whole day stayed stress free, everyone was beaming with joy ready to celebrate these two’s long awaited marriage - even their two year old nephews were trying to let loose and open a cold one (scroll down for that photo - possibly my favorite of the day?). 

This was the perfect day to wrap up my 2018 wedding season, and completely HOOKED me on winter weddings. Take a peek for yourself and let me know when you’re ready to start planning ;) 

Did it convince you!? If you’re planning a wedding at Beach Plum Farm, looking to elope in Cape May, NJ, or want to plan a cozy winter wedding of your own, get in touch! 

Cape May NJ Intimate Wedding Photographer | Cozy Winter Wedding Inspiration | Cape May Elopement Photography