Yosemite Valley Adventurous Engagement Session | Yosemite National Park Elopement Photographer

Hannah and Jason’s Yosemite Valley Adventurous Engagement Session | Yosemite Valley | National Park Wedding Photographer | Yosemite Elopement Photographer


Alright, you might need to pick your jaw off the floor after looking at this Yosemite valley adventurous engagement session. This adventure almost had to be rescheduled because of the snow that arrived that morning, but luckily, the weather managed itself and we got SO lucky with the incredible cloudscapes that formed through the valley. Yosemite, you were too good to us!

Hannah and Jason met many years ago when she was new to town in Boston and joined a gym (#swoll). She got a free session with a running coach, aka Jason, and then unnecessarily bought package after package for 6 months after that, just so she could spend time with him. HELLO JASON, SHES’ INTO YOU!!

About 6 months in to knowing each other, Jason texted her one Friday night and said “Are you spontaneous?”  She said, duh! He invited her to spend the weekend with him in Nantucket - meaning she had to bolt her booty to catch the very last ferry over that night! It almost didn’t happen…

She made it (yay!!) and they spent the whole weekend together exploring Nantucket (and a potential relationship) and it wasn’t long after that that it became official! 

Since then, they’ve moved to San Fransisco and are now engaged! They have a super decked out adventure van that they use on the weekends to explore all that the west coast has to offer them, and along with them on their journeys is their pupper!!

We totally lucked out with the weather, and these two were an absolute joy to be around. They were so natural with each other and their smiles radiated through the entire Yosemite valley, which you’ll see through these photos. Enjoy this Yosemite valley adventurous engagement session!