8 Must Go To Foodie Restaurants on a weekend in Asheville, North Carolina | Blue Ridge Parkway Adventure Elopement Photographer

8 must go to restaurants in Asheville North Carolina for Foodies | Asheville Outdoor Wedding Photographer | Blue Ridge Parkway Adventure Elopement Photographer


Chad and I escaped to Asheville, North Carolina for a little weekend back in September, and unintentionally, our trip ended up kind’ve revolving around food. But what can we say, we’re foodies, and love some craft beer! 

First off, we stayed at a GREAT airbnb, and I’d highly recommend it for a few days! Favorite part was the pool/hot tub that we had 24hr access to, and a basket of snacks in the shared kitchen ;) Check it out here, and use this link to get $40 on your first airbnb stay! 

A pretty bad cold hit me the day we got to Asheville, so I wasn’t up for as much hiking/exploring as we originally planned. We ended up having a (much needed) really chill few days, planned around where we were eating for each meal, and how many breweries we could fit it! There are a bunch of other places that were recommended to us but we ran out of time! 

Alright, here are the 8 places you must stop for a bite on your trip to Asheville! 

Over Easy Cafe

Over Easy Cafe was probably the best place we went for breakfast. We both got plates full of our favorite breakfast items and they were all soooo good. It’s a cozy little environment, great service (our waitress gave us a whole list of things to do/see in the area) and crazy good southern breakfast. 

LAB Brewing

We were drawn to this one because of the name, however it in fact has nothing to do with labradors and everything to do with a street name abbreviation. However, still great food and good craft beers! 

Sierra Nevada Brewing

This location is the east coast hub for Sierra Nevada brewing company - the original is in the Sierra Nevada’s. But this brewery tour was the best I’ve ever done - and I’ve done a good amount! It was free (still feel like we got away with this somehow because it blows my mind that this tour was free), but we got a full tour of the facility, our guide was great - super funny and informative. And at the end, did a full 6 flight tasting, and got a pint glass to take home. They also had killer fries so that’s always a win. 

Dobra Tea

Dobra tea was this cute little tea shop that we stumbled upon, but that I ended up seeing pop up in a lot of the posts I read about Asheville. You walk in, its really dark and cozy, with a million and a half tea’s. I could have sat in there all day to take in the environment, but I got a chai (there were like 6 different types of chai) and then continued on our exploring. Definitely recommend stoping in for a little break along your journey of downtown! 


This place was DELISH. And everything on the menu is gluten free which is pretty cool! Apparently the chef’s wife has celiac’s disease, so he wanted to open a restaurant that she could order anything off the menu and that it would still taste really good. It’s definitely a fancier place so be prepared for a dining experience. Really incredible dinner though, worth the bill!

The Noodle Company

We ended up here after the place we were intending to go had a crazy long wait list, but I wasn’t mad about it cause DANGGG yummy noodles. I basically had a massive ramen bowl filled with a bunch of goodness. Super casual, super delicious ramen.

Old Europe Cafe

This is a tiny little cafe, with an appropriate name. It feels super cozy, old Europe. We ran in here on our last morning for a pastry and coffee. They don’t have a ton of selection, but our croissants were somethin else, and yummy coffee too.

Wasabi Sushi

Always down for sushi! We stopped here our first night after our airbnb host recommended it to us, and it didn’t disappoint! Delish sushi and edamame.

There ya have it! Let me know your favorite restaurant in Asheville below, I’ll definitely be back! If you’re planning an elopement or wedding in Asheville, I’d love to chat with you! Get in touch below and let me hear all about what you’re dreaming up!

8 must go to restaurants in Asheville North Carolina for Foodies | Asheville Outdoor Wedding Photographer | Blue Ridge Parkway Adventure Elopement Photographer