Epic Elopement Style Adventure Bridal Session in the Fjords of Tromso, Norway | Lofoten Island Elopement Photographer

Tromso Bridal Session | Epic Lofoten Island Elopement | Norway Elopement Photographer 


Hold on to your seats people! This bridal session in Tromso, Norway - it’s gonna spark some wanderlust! This elopement style adventure session was epic in all ways, just as Northern Norway is. Fjords, fog, and magical landscapes. And it’s even more epic because Chari + Pepe did the whole thing through the pouring rain, boggy lands, and less than ideal weather when you’re in your wedding outfits - so cheers to them! 

Chari + Pepe reached out to me about a bridal session in Tromso, and it was a match made in heaven because it was the week that I was already planning on exploring Norway. We set a date, peeked through a few hikes + location ideas, and had a solid plan. Chari + Pepe live in Spain, got married in April, went on the most amazing honeymoon before coming to Norway for their session. And Pepe proposed to Chari under the northern lights in Tromso, so it had a special place in their hearts. 

We were all ready to go, with our location list, our hike, and our high expectations for manageable weather. But Norway had different plans ;) It rained and rained and rained…and kept raining. As had the two days before as well. We decided to bypass our first location and head straight to the hike, but about 10 minutes into the drive, I pulled over. I knew that it wasn’t going to be a fun experience for them to hike in the rain, just to get a view, when there were stunning views all around us. So we decided to scratch the plan, and just drive. Luckily the rain would stop for moments, so we’d find a spot, pull over, and head out while the rain was manageable. 

Bad weather usually looks pretty cool in photos, and it was no different for Norway’s fjords. Filled with diffused blue water, fog and clouds rolling between them, and soft gentle light coming from the clouds - we were going to make this work! We continued our plan of driving, stopping, waiting, shooting, repeat and it worked! We made our way around some beautiful places, and I tried to keep them from being in the cold longer than we needed to be. 

This shoot just goes to show that we make the best of the situations Mother Nature throws at us, even when we try to be prepared as we possibly can be. One of the most common questions I’m asked when talking to people about their elopements, weddings and adventure sessions, is “what if there’s bad weather?” As I primarily shoot in the outdoors, it’s a major factor that we can’t control, and with many shoots, either me, the couple or both of us are traveling in, so there isn’t a ton of options when it comes to rescheduling. BUT, we’re as flexible as we can be in the moment, we do what we need to do to make it work, and it always turns out. Sometimes it even turns out even cooler than it would have been with bland weather - stormy clouds, rolling fog + soft light all around? Gorgeous!!

The environment of your day is a huge part of the story that is told along through your photos. Life is an adventure, weather is an adventure. We make the best of it! 

Ready to head to Norway for your own elopement or adventure session? Get in my inbox! Norway is one of my favorite places in the world, and I have so many ideas when it comes to locations, activities, and logistics for planning an epic adventure there. So let’s get chatting!