Top Travel Essentials That I Couldn't Adventure Without! | Traveling Elopement + Wedding Photographer

Top Travel Essentials That I Couldn't Travel Without! | Traveling Wedding Photographer | Destination Elopement Photographer


When it comes to me traveling, whether it be for an elopement, or my own adventure, there are some essential items that make travel life SO MUCH EASIER. I've slowly figured these helpful little tools out, but honestly would struggle without them now. These more so apply to international travel, however all but a few of the apps are mega helpful for domestic travel as well! Hopefully this list helps you feel a bit more comfortable when embarking on an epic adventure! 



Soooo when I first heard about packing cubes I thought they were a total waste of money because they're literally just bags you put stuff in and like what the heck that's not helpful. WELL NEWS FLASH. They're game changers. I don't even know why they're so helpful but they literally keep me so organized and allow me to pack wayyy more. So just do yourself a favor and get them. I have THESE super basic ones from Amazon but 100% recommend!



I've mentioned this gem in the past, but seriously, if you're traveling, you're gonna need this. Whether it's for airplane sleepin or to help you get on the right timezone the first few days, this will be your best friend. I'm usually super sensitive to medication, Nyquil makes me loopy for days, but Advil PM give me just enough to fall asleep + stay asleep, but not make me want to die. This baby is the reason I slept for 13 of the 17hrs on my flight home from Zimbabwe. BLESS.

Get it here



I finally invested into a decent external battery a few months ago, and it has made alllll the difference in my travels this year. Gone are the days of trying to find an outlet in the sea of people in the airport to charge your phone and iPad. This Anker one has been INCREDIBLE. I can charge my phone fully around 7-8 times. It has multiple USB ports so I can charge my phone, Apple Watch, iPad, camera batteries, headphones and all the other numerous devices I bring traveling cause #canttravellight. You won't regret this one, it's saved my butt so many times the last few months!




Again, if you're sleeping on a plane, staying in a hostel, or are just a light sleeper, invest a whole $8 into a solid nights sleep. Sleep truly makes all the difference when traveling so getting a few tools to make sure you adjust is well worth it! I never travel without these, true + honest essential!

Get a whole can here! 



Another must have. In so many countries, you have to pay even for tap water. Also hydration is important just in life (duh) but even more so when you're on the road + on flights (planes dehydrate you like nothing else!). I always have a reusable (and big) water bottle with me so that I'm not paying 3 euro every time I want a drink. Also what a great place to put all the stickers you get on your journey. ALSO save the planet. So there, you must have one. ESSENTIAL! 

I'm a big fan of hydroflask - they're a little spendy but seriously last forever, are such a GOOD company and keep your drinks hot or cold! I've had ice last in them for over 24 hours when its blazing hot outside. Just get a big one with the lid, you'll thank me.






The Outbound Collective is such a cool app if you're looking for outdoor activities in the area you're traveling to! You tell the app which activities you like - mine has kayaking, hiking, photography, hot springs, viewpoints, camping etc. - and it will tell you all the neat nearby places to you. If you know AllTrails, its similar to that but for all outdoor things instead of just trails!


Maps Me is a LIFESAVER when traveling abroad. It's also super annoying sometimes but mostly a lifesaver. Basically its like Apple Maps but you can download the city you're in when you have Wifi and then use it offline. I honestly don't know how I got around all of Europe only using real maps. #goscrappyNicole. So yeah, download this!


Last but definitely not least is GlobeConvert. This is a conversion app, that I mostly use for currency conversion. Best thing is that you can use it offline (such a key factor when traveling abroad and not getting an international plan!). This way when you're at a restaurant and have NO idea how much you're actually paying for dinner, you can whip it out and find out! 


I hope that these few travel essentials make your traveling life easier in the future! Let me know in the comments below your top 3 MUST HAVE essentials when traveling. All about that easy travel life! Have questions? Get in touch below! 

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