Ecola State Park Oregon Elopement Style Bridal Photos | Photographer for Cannon Beach Elopement

Cannon Beach Adventure Elopement | Oregon Elopement Photographer | Elopement in Ecola State Park


This elopement style bridal session with Allison and Cody is bound to bring out all of the adventure in you. These two shot with me at Ecola State Park in Oregon, which is right next to Cannon Beach, and I was so happy I was the photographer creating these photos with them! 

I met Allison and Cody last summer when they signed up to model for me on a personal shoot I wanted to do out west. We instantly clicked, had such a fun night chasing the sun around the Colombia river gorge weeks before it endured a massive fire. We stayed in touch, however these two had a busy year! They got engaged a few months later, and got married a few months after that! To say a lot had happened is an understatement.

I was back in Oregon this summer so we reconnected and shot a bridal session, that had elopement vibes all over it. These two had a traditional wedding, but I think it was super fun for them to be able to experience what an elopement could’ve looked like too! We had limited timing in making this all work, but luckily we were able to pull it off! 

They drove from Portland to the Oregon coast right after Cody got off of work, to make it in time to shoot before the light completely dropped, which was a bit earlier than normal because of some pretty intense fog. Allison wasn’t afraid to get muddy, Cody embraced all of my cheesy prompts, and we spent our whole time with big smiles plastered on our faces. 

Allison and I love the same Youtuber, Sarah’s Day, so I get frequent texts from her about videos, occasionally memes, and every once in awhile, articles about farm animals being pets. I love how these two have blossomed into wonderful friends of mine on the west coast. Tryna make this a yearly thing guys? ;) 

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